Audi ipad customer survey

On site after sale application

Sometime, you really want a feedback from your audience about the quality of your services. But customer hate to deal with on-line survey. This application fill this gap.

The main idea is an application that can be presented to the customer during the servicing or the repair of his car.It's a really small form with simple question about Audi's certified dealer services. The dealer himself can customize this form, and add question to the survey to target more specific services.

Flex, AIR, SQLlite, SQL, .NET, XML

Audi ipad ui components layers

In appearance, this app seem's to be a simple survey form, but the data update mechanism is complexe. Often the dealer have no connction in his dealership, the transfer of the survey result msut be done asynchronously when a connection is detected. To keep customer metrics and for the sake of the analisys integrity, a lot of time has spended to avoid data collision and data duplication between the on-app database and the central remote data-base during th data synchronisation. This is base on a "push-first\pull-last" approach.