Multi device webshop

The big challenge on this Audi's project was to design a responsive interface, that can serve a big amount of data on many device. The Audi's products collection is hudge, and each product often came with 5 to 10 declination, such as car model, color size... The approche is mobile first, responsive and... IE6 compatible.

Fortunately, it's really easy to deal with the Audi's branding guideline. Large block of color with no gradient, big images, good contrast for the sake of readability. This greatly facilitated the work in during the creation of the UI. It was another deal for the UX... Due to the outnumbered product, and the exclusion of an lazy loading by the customer, the quantity of page became really hight on mobile.

The final product is an e-shop that work on mobile, tablet and of course desktop even on IE6. The using of bootstrap modules facilitate the navigation for small device.

Bootstrap, Jquery, HTML5, SQL, .NET